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Associação Nacional de Armazenistas, Comerciantes e Importadores de Cereais e Oleaginosas

ACICO represents the port silo storekeepers, distributors, exporters, importers, and traders of raw materials intended for human and animal consumption in Portugal, as well as the companies providing services related to these related to this activities

ACICO represents the common interest of its members, being the interlocutor before the government, civil services and other organizations.

ACICO – Associação Nacional de Armazenistas, Comerciantes e Importadores de Cereais e Oleaginosas is the association representing the trade of cereals, rice, feed and oilseeds in Portugal. 


ACICO is a member of C. P. C. – Conselho Português de Carregadores, an association that brings together some of the largest companies and associations of national Shippers.

Externally, ACICO is affiliated with COCERAL, which is the Confederation of European national trade associations of raw materials for food and feed, based in Brussels (it includes associations from non-EU countries).

Bulk Carrier

Bulk carriers can trace their origins back to the bulk carriers that appeared on the Great Lakes of the USA for the transport of iron ore. As early as 1900, these ships reached lengths of around 150m.

Corporate Bodies


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Campo Grande, 28 – 9.ºC

1700-093 Lisbon

Phone:  +351 217 973 848
Fax: +351 217 973 854